A. Corporate Board of Directors:

1993-Present Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc., Danver, MA

1997-99 Oncostasis, Inc., Charleston, SC

1995-2000 Quantum Biotechnologies, Inc. Montreal, Canada

1991-1994 Neogenix Corporation, Cedar Knolls, NJ

1990-1992 Genmap, Inc., Boston, MA

1985-1989 Chitin Co., Cambridge, MA

1983-1988 Founder & Director of The Greek National Biotechnology Company "BioHellas", Athens, Greece

B. Science Advisory Boards:

2002-Present Entegrion, Inc. Chapel Hill, NC

1992-Present Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc. Danvers, MA

1997- 2003 Oncostasis, Inc., Charleston, SC

1991-1993 Neogenix, Cedar Knolls, NJ 1989-1992 Unisyn Corp, Tustin, CA

1988-1995 Applied Division, Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Crete

1988-1990 Chairman, Genmap Corporation, Boston, MA

1986-1993 Verax Corporation, Lebanon, NH

1985-1989 Chairman, The Chitin Company, Cambridge, MA

1983-1988 "BioHellas", The Greek National Biotechnology Co, Athens, Greece

C. Consultantships:

1996-1998 Quantum Biotechnologies, Inc.

1992-1993 Human Genome Sciences, Gaithersburg, MD

1992-1994 Geron Corporation, Hayward, CA

1990-1991 Columbia University, New York, NY

1988-1990 Genmap Corporation, Boston, MA

1986-1988 Verax Corporation, Lebanon, NH

1985-1986 Molecular Therapeutics (Bayer, AG), West Haven, CT

1983-1986 Ministry of the National Economy, Athens, Greece

1984 Pennwalt Corporation, King of Prussia, PA

1981-1982 Bristol Myers Company, Syracuse, NY

1980-1981 Bolt, Beranek & Newman, Cambridge, MA





Educational Background

Research Interests

Chronology of Employment

Management and Administrative Experience

Biotechnology/Industry Board and Consulting Activities

Fellowships, Research Grants and Awards

Honors and Society Memberships

Other Professional Activities

Publications and Bibliography


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