Marine Polysaccharides (current research):

- development of Medical Products for Hemostasis, Wound Healing & Cancer biochemical and biophysical studies of marine

derived polysaccharides

- development of medical devices for applications as hemostatic agents, wound healing promoters, and for other medical indications.

- development of cancer vaccines and controlled release drug delivery systems using polysaccharide biopolymers as formulation matrices.

RNA Structure Analysis (former research interest):

- role of messenger RNA structure in the regulation of gene expression.

- ribozyme structure and its role in ribozyme function.

- ribozyme design based on RNA structure predictive capabilities by computer methods.

- RNA structure in evolution.

DNA - Drug Interactions (former research interest):

- footprint analysis of small molecular weight anti-tumor drug binding to DNA

- DNA-specific drug design based on drug-DNA interaction studies.





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